Oh, it is impossibly hard to begin again
when you’ve lost everything.
That tiny little leaf at the tip of the fragile green stem futile
against the whole world.
A giant undertaking,
altogether too much for one tiny seed.

And what difference will it make?
Is it even worth the effort?
Who cares?

Progress is slow,
virtually unrecognizable.
The creative process discouraging.

You do it anyway.
little by little,
one cell at a time.
One drop of rain.
One ray of sunshine.
One dark night.
Another. Another. Another.

You can’t help it.
It’s your nature.
It’s who you have been.
It’s who you are meant to be.

You realize
the sunlight, the raindrops, the winds of change and earthy roots
– this entire world –
has been working with you the whole time,
not pressing against you.
Protecting, nurturing, cheering you forward,
pressing you outward,
drawing you up to where
we can admire
your whole beautiful self.

4 thoughts on “Sprout

  1. Beautiful and so appropriate for this time of year, Charlotte! SO nice to see your blog in my inbox, as I have been having withdrawals from my weekly dose of “Sushi Tuesdays” 😦

  2. Charlotte, your blog is beautifully thoughtful. I would like to include some of your thoughts on suicide in a eulogy and obituary for my nephew who recently took his own life. Would you mind if I do so, and would you like me to cite you?

    • I am so sad to hear about your nephew. I am grateful that you have found some comfort in my words, and I am honored that you would want to include some of my thoughts. Sending love and light.

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